Máy Máy Siruba

Máy viền đầu nhỏ điện tử Siruba S007KD-W122-356
Máy viền đầu nhỏ điện tử Siruba S007KD-W122-356

Máy viền đầu nhỏ điện tử Siruba S007KD-W122-356

Mã số : S007KD-W122-356

Nhóm sản xuất : Siruba

Hãng sản xuất : Siruba

Gía : Vui lòng gọi !

Máy viền đầu nhỏ điện tử SIRUBA S007KD-W122-356/PCH-3M/UTT

Universal 3-needles small cylinder bed interlock machine. Standard equipped with device for covering over overlock seams. Head integrated with energy-saving servo motor 230 V, needles gauge 5.6 mm, differential bottom feed, top and bottom covering (top covering possible to switch off), electromagnetic top and bottom thread trimmer, electromagnetic foot lifter, maximum sewing speed 4.000 s.p.m., central lubrication.
Benefits of using machine equipped with energy-saving servo motor: 
- consumes 75% less energy than machine equipped with clutch motor 
- doesn't require three-phase supply - needs a 230V power supply, so the machine can be used in every room 
- works silently, produces minimal vibration 
- engine runs only when the machine is sewing, thanks to with not only consumes less power, but also warm less
- requires less effort from the operator: in comparison to the machine with clutch motor, pedal of the machine equipped with a servo motor is used only in 60%
For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles system UY 128 GAS or UY 128 GAS SERV7, with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.

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